"PrintShop a Go-Go" is a micro "go anywhere" print shop that is great for sharing the virtues of printmaking to anyone anytime.  No press needed for any of the "PrintShop a Go-Go" workshops.  Pressless printing is only possible with the Print Frog® Glass Baren.  It's a portable, high-performance tool for hand printing and easy to use for ages 4+.  It opens new possibilities for printing plates and blocks since you can print alternative materials that can’t print on a press.


Matt Bagley of Iron Frog Press is a grant recipient from the City of Dallas Office of Cultural Affairs in 2018, 2019 and upcoming in 2020.  His grants have made it possible for him to continue to bring free "PrintShop a Go-Go" workshops to communities that may not have regular access to the arts. 


IFP offers a variety of classes and programs from beginner to advanced printmakers: adults, kids age 4+, families, and teachers.  Matt and Sharon welcome new projects, partnerships, speaking engagements, panel discussion, and other opportunities.  "PrintShop a Go-Go" is available to travel anywhere in the US, and INTL.  Contact them to discuss your private, corporate, school, university, library, outreach project, etc. 


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Print Frog® Glass Baren is a registered trademark.