Square Installments

Silk Scarf Wood Grain


In the winter of 2017, Matt and I were brainstorming holiday gift ideas for family. Matt had some silk, and I wondered if we could make a true wood grain scarf by hand printing directly from an actual piece of wood.


This is an essential Iron Frog Press accessory that compliments any outfit. It can be worn many ways - around your neck, at the waist, or as a headscarf!


Each scarf is unique and is available in a variety of color combinations. Each year we select different colors and wood grain.


Made in Dallas, TX

Designed by Nature

Measures 8" x 72"

Please note our scarves are hand-printed and hand-dyed.  Our handmade product may have slight variations in color from pictured.



    • 100% Silk 
    • Hand wash
    • Iron dry on low heat
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