Pro Print Frog® Glass Baren™

Pro Print Frog® Glass Baren™

♥ The Pro Print Frog® Glass Baren™ We have a small number of Pros for a reduced price due to a slightly smaller handle.  They have a round knob that offers relief of strain when handprinting blocks 4 ft. or larger. The Pro model is Matt Bagley's original vision for the ideal high-performance glass baren. 


Material: Solid Borosilicate glass

Color: Clear with a colored band around the neck of the tool that indicates the year produced.

Weight (approx.): 2 lbs. 

Size (approx.): 4" Diameter Base x 3.75" Height 

Radius Edge: 1/2"  

Use: Best for BIG prints and BIG editions, glass plate and, encaustic monoprinting. 

*Please NEVER use our glass bärens to grind paint pigment. Our products are for printmaking, folding paper, weighing down the paper, etc.

  • Details

    Weight approx. 2 lbs.

    Size approx. 4" D x 2.25" D x 3.75" H 

    Radius edge 1/2"

    Box Size 4" x 4" x 4"


    ✪ High-performance glass baren

    ✪ Resists all ink, chemicals, and solvents

    ✪ Easy to clean

    ✪ An ergonomic handle

    ✪ Works on a variety of substrate

    ✪ Safe for encaustic


The Print Frog® Glass Baren™ is a registered and trademark of Iron Frog Press.