Studio Print Frog® Glass Baren ™

Studio Print Frog® Glass Baren ™

♥ Our Studio Print Frog® Glass Baren™ is our favorite go to model.  It’s hand-blown, ergonomic, and works on a variety of substrate.  


Material: Solid Recycled Glass  

Color: Clear, Blue, Turquoise or multi-color swirl 

Weight (approx.): 2 lbs.

Size (approx.): 4" Diameter Base x 2.125" Handle x 3.5" Height Radius Edge (approx.): 1/2" 


Use: Best for small to medium relief blocks such as linoleum, wood and MDF.  Also recommended for printing fabric and works great for printing damaged blocks, collagraph and chine-colle.   
** Not recommended for use with encaustic monoprinting


  • Details

    Weight approx. 2 lbs.
    Size approx. 4" D x 2.125" D x 3.5" H

    Box Size 4" x 4" x 4"

    ✪ High-performance glass baren
    ✪ Resists all ink, chemicals, and solvents
    ✪ Easy to clean
    ✪ An ergonomic handle
    ✪ Graceful organic radius edge
    ✪ Works on a variety of substrates
    ✪ Handmade in Texas

Colors: turquoise 

The Print Frog® Glass Baren™ is a registered and trademark of Iron Frog Press.