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Print Frog® Glass Baren

 The Print Frog is the most efficient, easy to use, comfortable, durable, and versatile glass baren available to printmakers.

Visual history of the Print Frog Glass Barens

2013-23 Studio Print Frog® Glass Baren

2016-23 Pro, 2019-23 Froglette,  2018-23 Tadpole Print Frog® Glass Baren

  • Efficient- The Print Frog is smooth, dense, and heavy, allowing it to glide across the paper effortlessly.

  • Easy to Use- A 4-year-old can quickly master it and makes an ideal educational tool.

  • Comfortable- One of our signature design features is an ergonomic handle that allows for all-day painless printing.

  • Durable- The Print Frog will potentially last forever, and it's impervious to any print shop chemicals.

  • Our glass barens are portable and can print on a wide range of mediums and matrixes. These high-performance barens work on a variety of other printmaking techniques such as Chine-Colle, Mokolito (Japanese lithography), and Mono-printing.

Our Story

Matt Bagley originally designed the Print Frog® Glass Baren in 2013 for himself to efficiently print large editions on warped blocks without aggravating repetitive strain injuries in his shoulder and wrist. Matt shared these prototypes with fellow printmakers, and they quickly became the desired tool in any print shop. He started receiving emails asking if he had any more available. He refined his design and coined the name Print Frog®, and in 2014, his high-performance glass baren was made available to the printmaking world.


Glass is ideal for the Print Frog glass baren because it’s heavy, low friction, and easy to clean. While the Print Frog is aesthetically pleasing by default, it is developed as a serious printmaking tool. We work with the most skilled glassblowers in the area who have decades of experience to ensure quality craftsmanship. The two types of glass used to make the Print Frog are Borosilicate and soft recycled. Borosilicate is a superior material used to make cookware and scientific equipment and is in three of our models- Pro, Froglette, and Tadpole. Soft recycled glass is more of a traditional material used to craft our Studio model Print Frog.


Iron Frog Press strives to refine the design of its glass barens to meet the varying needs of traditional printmakers. We currently offer four different models. Please see additional details under each model description in our IFP Shop.

Meet The Team

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